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About Patty Beast

They be asking how I’m such a legend, we
We shine brighter than your Christmas tr

Yo! My name is Patrick Higgins, aka Patty Beast. I am the creator of Team Beast. 

My desire to create this corporation was to help those with disabilities to see that it is possible to live out our dreams, and help them get the chance to do the same. 

I am currently a student at Rutgers University and an active brother in my fraternity. I am blessed enough to wake up every morning living on my own, which is something very few with disabilities are able to do. I go out to bars and parties with my friends. I'm living the normal college experience, something doctors and specialists said would never happen for me. 

As I got older, I wanted to do something to give others with disabilities hope and give them the role model with a disability I never had. 

On top of this, my disabilities hasn't bothered any of my peers at Rutgers, which is amazing. I want to normalize disability even more so some dude in a wheelchair in Texas can talk to the gorgeous girl at the bar, or so the disability isn't a concern when a boy wants to ask a handicapped girl to prom. 

Really, I started this corporation because I wanted to change lives. I get to wake up and live my dreams everyday, and I want every person with a disability to have the chance to do the same. 

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